Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting Online - details

Introduction to Legal Nurse Consulting Online curriculum covers:

  • the role of the Legal Nurse Consultant
  • potential areas of practice for the Legal Nurse Consultant
  • legal process and terminology
  • determining conflict of interest
  • ethical considerations for the LNC
  • communication with lawyers
  • medical/legal case analysis
  • providing your expert nursing opinion
  • formulating the expert witness written report

Purchasing this course provides you with:

  • access to the online course for one person until course completion; a maximum of 120 days starting from the date of purchase.
  • access to discussion forums moderated by experienced Legal Nurse Consultants and lawyers
  • Certificate of Completion: requires completion of all lessons and a passing grade of 85% on the final exam

Course access and operation requires a reliable high speed internet connection, Internet Explorer 7 or above or Firefox 3 or above, Adobe Flash Player 10 and PDF file reading capability.

The course cost is $1795 Cdn plus GST (total $1884.75 Cdn).

By registering and submitting payment to Connect Medical Legal Experts Inc. you are agreeing to the Terms and Conditions as details on the website No refunds will be provided after the initial login to the online course. Users are solely responsible for ensuring sufficient and compatible hardware, software, telecommunications equipments and internet services required for use.

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